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A Pawn

Why did you take my life by storm, wrap me up in ribbons
then use me as a pawn. Twice you were there and twice you
went away, both times it was my life that had to pay.
Brought up through childhood with no mother by my side.
Then when you returned, your sincerity lied.
Your pages of life were shattered with woe, yet on my life
you caused an awful blow. Through times of hardship you
were never there; but that kind of love to you is rare.
You left me Mother for another man's bed, and I went through
life thinking you were dead. I searched for proof in mind and soul.
Knowing that one day I would reach my goal,
to prove to you that you have lied.
about trying to get custody, to which you denied.
Your footings rock and you lack foundation, How could you do it
Mother abandon your female creation.Your love I am afraid can never
be updated because this little pawn has finally checkmated.

Could this have happened to you I know of someone it did but it was not me.

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lovely poem sylvia - I guess things like this happen in life....regards..wilow
Powerful, sad and beautifully written. You felt this one from the heart. Love, Sandra
Darling Rosie: If this did not happen to you, then you have told it very well for those to whom it did. I know of two different women to whom this happened, and it is the very saddest thing to see - those women who never felt that mother's love, and searched for it all their lives. Scarlett
It rings a familiar tune.My Mum and Father split up when I was just 18 months old and yes, It does affect the young and yes it really did hurt for many years.Even now the Child within is still going through the healing process.A brilliant depiction of a love divided.Thankyou Sylvia for touching on this subject as many are still out there in the cold. Love Duncan