(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Peace They'D Find

I threw pennies out to the pigeons,
This morning.
They did not know what to do!
Had I flew the 'coop' with scorning?

I had always come to toss
To them popcorn or chips...
Something they ate I would leave them with!
They usually would peck and be on their way.
But this morning they sat as if to say:
'There's not a thing we can do with these!
Of that all of us pigeons have come to agree!
We expected at least a twig or stick thrown
A chicken bone or something sniffed and left alone!
Something to huddle around over...
To peck and pick!
Is this some kind of joke?
We protest this different shit!
Hey? Are you listening?
Do we have to fight over this? '

And as I began to leave this scene behind...
I pulled from my pocket a new minted dime.
I threw it and watched them trying to lift it together.
Believing the sparkling would bring them a peace,
They would find even better!
Bringing them with curiousity,
And touching each others' feathers!

It worked!

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Comments (7)

yup - liking 'em all, i'd say
Your creativity continues to amaze. I wish I had as much. GW62
A good deed in calming those ruffled feathers, I'm glad it worked. Very nice poem Lawrence. All the best, Diane
A lovely concept. I hope this is a true story. A truly original piece; it's good to see that here. peace
Hi Lawrence, Really Nice poem. I love it. Creative and original. Take care.
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