(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

A Peaceful Future [c]

Douglas Altabef says the two-state solution is
dead, viva the quest for peace - Israel is freed
from living Einstein's definition of insanity: to
do the same things over and over still expecting
different results as the Palestinian leadership will
forever refuse to accept a sovereign Jewish state

Let's pursue peace & improve economic condi-
tions for Palestinians, enhancing their quality of
life - trampled by a corrupt Palestine leadership
maintaining fiefdoms as people want better jobs,
housing & future prospects - to be granted under
the auspices of Israeli sovereignty; just look at

The progress in Palestine literacy & lower infant
mortality in Judea & Samaria under Israeli control
where Arab citizens enjoy benefits & autonomy -
the benign sovereign offers peace as Palestinian
Authority rejects autonomy in order to exploit their
subjects for political advantage in their fiefdoms

Israeli control over Civilian Administration of Judea
& Samaria will bring housing & industry: the Emirate
Model's limited autonomy might also be debated by a
large number of Palestinian voices - free; though the
fascist Left might demonise in anti-Israel hostility, -
let us rejoice in our freedom to create a better and

Peaceful future for everyone: Israeli & Palestinian!

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