A Peaceful Place

When I was ten, went to a village where groundnut seeds were freshly sown
Where everything about the outside world is completely unknown

The house I had to live in was isolated from the village
In the middle of nowhere, I had to live like a secluded sage

Lived in the house was an old man of eighty years of age
Resembled a weak lion in the most peaceful cage

Behind that home was a land almost filled with yellow grass
Can we find another such a place with lesser gathering of mass

It was too beautiful to look in twilight
Hard to fully remind of other places than that sight

But the night was full of darkness with nothing to find
You can even get a doubt whether you are blind

Closing my eyes on that darkness, I try to sleep
But I wake up suddenly when on me cats try to leap

Those were the cats my master was growing
For me it looked very annoying

They always wanted to sleep beside me
So fully covering myself with bed sheets, i felt homey

Waking up in the early morning, I see moon still in the sky
And the gentle sound of cowbells made me see them pass by

A bit and slice of every emotion neatly served
Which would make all experiences of life fervid

Just a small boy was I then, so it's hard to recall much
Wasn't it worthy to live in a place as such

by AnilKumar Sharma

Comments (5)

your poem takes the reader's heart a tour of your poetic places
'Resembled a weak lion in the most peaceful cage' reminds me of my grandfather.. indeed its true.. the village atmosphere is peaceful, quite and beautiful.. hope the villages remain same forever.. a well penned poem! !
Definitely you shown me and the rest of the world that you have a great talent when you posted this well penned, poignant and thought provoking write! Keep it up my friend, you got what it takes to make in the poetry world! 10+++Love and Peace for always! ...
A very well penned and poignant write that shows the heart and talent you got! Keep it up! Thanks for sharing,10+++ Love and Peace for always! ...
Peanuts in their shells, asleep For the next harvest so to keep And in the fall after the tending Bountiful harvest is intended. So it is that memories lie uncovered Until one, suddenly discovered Reveals the past and perhaps the future Of each, as with age we mature. s