A Peaceful Time - 2

Poem By Bhupen Thakker

hot oil on a medium gold flame
gently place in it a cluster of black mustard seeds

hear the crackle, let the journey begin
white diced new potatoes go in next
white salt, red pepper, yellow tumeric
sprinkle, a teaspoon of each

a little white sugar. all mixed together

just enough colourless water for the potatoes to cook

cover the pan

let your mind rest for a while
those thoughts, let them pass over your head
my mind door is closed at present, you say
i am cooking a Gujrati potato curry

are the potatoes cooked? yes, if a fork
pierces through the potatoes

sprinkle some yellow orangey coriander powder
garnish with some deep green coriander leaves
squeeze a few drops of yellow lemon juice

look at the blue sky, breathe in
and slowly eat the flavours, colours with rice & bread
is your heart satisfied?
adjust as necessary

Comments about A Peaceful Time - 2

Beautiful meal shared. No wonder, one will be happy to have it. Beautiful presentation. Enjoyed the meal. Thanks for sharing with us.
... and another happy meal! Abbarr!

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