A Peaceful World

Do you ever wonder what life would
Be like with a peaceful world?
I do, and I have dreamed of having
A peaceful place to live without a worry being attacked.
Not ever having a worry like that,
Wouldn't that be great not having to see another heart broken
By losing a loved one because they had to go to war,
Or being killed because we were attacked.
Not having to worry any member of anybody in the army of
Any troop becoming a prisoner of war
Because they got captured
By some people that was upset and real angry with something or
Someone had done to them.
If you have never wondered about a peaceful world.
Maybe you need to think about it.
You will be surprised at what you wonder from time to time.

by Samantha Williams

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Comments (2)

thats true...thanks for sharing 10
Sure do. Well, it's something to strive for, and certainly worth the effort. Too many just give up on world peace because it seems impossible. At one time television and automobiles were 'impossible.'