A Pebble In Your Hand

O man of little wits!
Why gaze upon the sky
And pant for that lovely star above
Of what use is that head above your heart
If you be so dumb not to know
That the object of your passion
Is shackled to that vast expanse up there
By the One with almighty power.

Don’t you know that mortals are forbidden
Even to cast covetous glances
To those whose destinies were ordained
To intertwine with another being

In your midst are pebbles of many kind
Pick one and keep it near your heart
For no matter if its beauty is eclipsed
By the intoxicating radiance of the star
That simple pebble in your hand
Is yours alone, to love and cherish
Unlike that glorious distant beauty
When all you can do
Is dream of it and nothing more!

by Jemarie Ragudo

Comments (9)

Even that humble little pebble That you hold in your hands Is no less than the work of sparkling stars This we must understand A work of volcanic fury perhaps Several millions years ago That shaped its elegant design Is something that we must know.... Very good poem Madam and I welcome you to my page too
truly brilliant..perfect even..marvelous work!
wow! ! how did i miss this one..........what a brilliant piece........what wisdom! ! well penned mam.
What a beautiful poem! I enjoyed reading it.
Very, very well written Jemarie. You have taken a classic theme and made it uniquely your own. An easy 10.
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