A Peep Into Life

Sweet are those days;
Playing with the peer,
Crying for broken toys,
Fighting for mom's lap.

Sweeter are these days;
Struggling hard with books,
Craving for identity,
Taping out of joy.

Sweetest would be those days;
Sharing sweet memories of yours with your spouse,
Experiencing the motherhood, and
Finally waiting for the grandchild.

by Queeny Gona

Comments (11)

It's so wonderful to reflect on the days marking different stages of life, Each one has its own joys and exhilarating. Each one bubblier than the earlier ones. Thanks for sharing your mantra of celebrating life with a positive frame of mind.
This is very thoughtful of you Queeny and you put it in write biut'fully. God bless you. I really enjoyed it
So true dear Valsa George mam, I wrote this poem during my college days. As I am going through the later stages I realize the farther are better than the present due to the aches of its own. Well human beings are always optimists hence specially I never give up my hope! This hope keeps me to ponder the joy of life at each stage and most of the times looks behind for the happy times spent were best!
A real peep into all the stages of life! Yes, childhood was one of care free enjoyments! During school and college days, the tedium of study and the torture of examinations bother us! I am sure you have written this poem at that stage... So you hope that sharing life with a partner and becoming a mother and finally waiting for the grand child are more exciting and enjoyable! But in the evening of life if you look back, you'll realize that the school and the college days were the best. Of course each stage of life has its aches and joys! Beautiful poem Queeny!
A age of 24, I see you are matured beyond my thoughts! It's treat to read your poems and I am proud that we to belong to the same part of the country. I hope you carry your talent in similar way to become a top poet. I hope you are here to excel as poet. For writing poetry on trivial matters of life in an admirable way, Thumbs up! 10 +++++ for A Calla Lilly!
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