AHK (14-05-1961 / Pind Dadan Khan, Pakistan)

A Pen Of Reed

Once I was embedded in earth,
My roots were short but firm in crust.

I sucked water and swayed with blows,
That flowed to me, from yonder snows.

Me lived in silence and had no blames,
'To stand and stare' were the only games.

Suddenly I felt, a hit below;
I heaved a cry, no one can trow.

I was not standing, no more erect;
My feet had gone, much pained in fact.

My leaves were trimmed, and body got naked;
I felt so sorry, on the dagger and hatchet.

A few days later, was put in furnace
Me felt so hot, saw red my surface.

Cut into pieces and shaped into bundle,
I went to a girl, who held me and fondle.

Happy was she, to hold in her hands,
Forgot those pains, I had in sands.

She went in the kitchen, returned with a knife;
Chopped my head, and made a 'qalam right.

My face was slanted, my nose was cut,
Ready to write, a pen of reed gut.

Now I am teeming, in Tahira's hands
Forgot altogether, those remote lands.

Pen in English, Qalam in Arabic
Now you know, the whole of my fabric.

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the rhymes paint a colorful picture of the meaning of this poem.. astonishing write great work!