A Penny For My Thoughts

At nights I think what should have been,
What could have been or even what must be.
At times I wonder IF........,
If we were truly meant to be.
In the corners of my mind at times i see us presently
gliding into future events, quite happily,
Tears of confusion flood my eyes like posiedon's waves into that ship.
I, suddenly I, feel like proclaiming my love,
to scream it loud on mountain tops!
And I am engulfed by a feeling only known as overwhelming.
Then i fall off my cloud nine
My happiness sinking like lead into the bottom of the sea, .
We have no hope we have no future,
What should have been is, What could have been is.
Time has no master
though history repeats itself we cannot change the past.
And so i accept reality, moving into my future
with only knowledge of my past,
And with the preparations of my present.
Hoping, praying Cupid's arrow will find my heart again.

by Confusion Undastood

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