(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

A Perfect Background

Inspirational ideas strengthen me while the
enactment of people's scary fantasies saps
my strength leaving emptiness & a sense of
futility as tragic realism causes depression;
though art distilling wisdom and presenting
it in the right terms, creates a safe place

Where the mind can rest; we should control
thought a mystic guru says: If a brick fell on
my head every time I imagined negatively - I
would learn positive thinking really fast - at
least I've learned true affection brings joy
and beauty expresses love uniquely

Though context & situation, time and place
determine the perception of timeless form
& dimension; the iridescence of fine glass
and crystals, pure white lace & cascading
waves, white flowers and stars shining in
a dark velvet sky; emotions affect ability

To discern love in beauty and love is seen
as a bright light against the cold darkness
of realism - which serves a very important
purpose: to provide a perfect background
for the shine I love so much…


I prefer inspirational ideas to descriptions of
gruesome realities created by people for sheer
boredom or to play out their exciting fantasies,
reading newspapers emphasises emptiness,
a sense of futility that makes life meaningless

Reading literature written by the above people
who created the newspaper events with so
much relish, causes the same experience, but
authors who distil life events and present their
experience and insight gained in such a way

That their wisdom is framed and shines through
their beautiful use of words to create a warm
place where I can rest my mind and forget the
bad things done and said in the lives we lead;
makes me read an Internet guru instead of

Looking at the pain some like so much, I wish
a brick would fall on my head every time I think
a negative thought to clean up my thinking fast,
in spite of my many blessings I focus on the few
things I want to improve - yet all these problems

Are caused by a negative attitude to these issues,
been unhappy with my appearance and thus every-
thing I feared was wrong is worsening, the 1 thing
that really improved is my fear of being forced into
stiff unhappiness - at present I expect happiness

And joy from all sources, a child reared in hate who
never loved - I learned true affection heals every-
thing and for me beauty expresses love uniquely
so I built a temple to crystal consciousness in my
sitting room with crystals and shiny material -

Beauty is determined by context & situation being
related to Einstein's relativity - the place and time
determine a subject's impression - yet certain
things are abstractly beautiful beyond changing
factors - like form and classical dimensions

Crystals and fine glass, lace blindingly white and
white foam on cascading waves, a pristine white
flower against a sheer black background, stars in
the dark of night - all these are always beautiful,
yet mood will determine what beauty we seek

I seek the beauty of transparency and iridescent
shine against the velvet darkness behind, the 99%
black matter quantum physicists think makes up
the universe has a purpose, like the stories I don't
read - to be a prefect background for the shine

I love so much…

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