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A Perfect Blend
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

A Perfect Blend

A Perfect Blend
Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers
Monday, December 9,2013

Pretty girls, I've known a few
Beautiful women but none quite like you
A thousand miles I would walk
I would do anything so we could talk
Just to have and hold you near
None other can ever compare
Just to hold you close to me
I would swim the mighty seven seas

You are the apple of my eye
Over mountains high I will fly
Just to have and keep you nearby
Your touch makes me reach the sky

Words uttered never I'll compose
My gorgeous honeysuckle rose
A goddess angel in disguise
You've got me saying my, my, my

In tears, I was baptized
From ashes, I will rise
Chastised and compromised
Empty plate now super sized
Heaven lies between your thighs
I'm the winner of the greatest prize
Countless efforts and countless tries
You are the bond that truly ties

By your side I can't wait
For you I won't be late
No time to hesitate
Your kiss I anticipate
Those in the know can relate
Let them talk and debate
Feels so good and feels so great
No need to ever compensate

Bluer skies are here again
My confidant and my best friend
On me you can depend
Sweet paradise me you send
Your smile I highly recommend
My heart to you I extend
With you I can't pretend
We two makes a perfect blend

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