A Perfect Lie

After what he said and done
after all those promises
she never even for a microsecond thought
he'd go leaving her alone
in a small house
with a dog and a book with a strange title.

All she said,
at the moment he walked out of the door was
'you know I never loved you anyway'.
Finishing that line
she waited for him to say something.
and nothing came, but silence.
That's when she burst into tears like hell.


by Arsiema Berhane

Comments (10)

You let your tear used as your ink and this is the result, it make something so deep feeling...A Perfect lie' i remember of my poem called perfect lie, it was different story but you poetry takes it in personal side and you built with emotion remark..keep more coming! ! -Unwritten Soul
arsiema, this is saaad!
Now that's a poem. Make the reader feel slapped as hard as the sting of discovering being unloved. At that moment. Whap! Biting! Yes!
I love that you set up the scene so well. Was it only the lie to him, or the one to yourself too?
Ouch! ................ dan
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