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A Performance At Hog Theater
(1935 - 2014 / Connecticut, United States)

A Performance At Hog Theater

There was once a hog theater where hogs performed
as men, had men been hogs.

One hog said, I will be a hog in a field which has
found a mouse which is being eaten by the same hog
which is in the field and which has found the mouse,
which I am performing as my contribution to the
performer's art.

Oh let's just be hogs, cried an old hog.

And so the hogs streamed out of the theater crying,
only hogs, only

hogs . . .

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Comments (2)

a romance to pigs even unto themselves.well written indeed.
Only hogs-only hogs, may address my young unlearned of dogs... Where be-it my cornal cobbette? Where be it... Where lies it and where may it set? Oink! Oink! Oink! replied one oinking hog... Maybe it lies way yonder under neath that frog on the log. No no nay said the other hog... Look-look over there b'tween that thick thickest pea souped fog. No no nay this very day said the other hog... You scoundrel-You frog-You fast talking lying dog! You are a liar as the sun does ever set... I see it yonder b'hind your old tv set. You are hereby now officially banned from our home of brick... You can wander into that hut of straw and wait for the Big Bad Wolf to huff and puff and blow in your straw built home you lying silly ugly hoglike prick. That will be your well justified punished like trick... Better go find something to hold onto and swing at that old Big Bad Wolf- -Maybe a club or even an old wooden stick. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? ... That lying hog there running as fleeing from him fast on the hoof. That's who's afraid... The others found Petunia Pig and really got laid. This poem was great and got a ten fro' thee. Your poem is good to inspire me to write another poem kind sir. I thank thee very very much. God bless all poets-MJG.