A Performing Dance.

An angel of death
A performing artist of dance
The dance of death.
Every nook and corner of world
Platform not required
Orchestra is limited
Anywhere the angel goes
Its performances, in strong missions
Goes away with trophies
The soul it carries
Some where in the universe
Angel's palace situates
The shining stars decorated
Glittering moon lights up
Milky ways are in its way
Comets are there well planned
Arrives to see us
In intervals of time
The dance of the angel
Fearful drum beats we hear
Shut the doors and windows
Still it will enter.
The world is its play ground
Mercy is its hated word.
The dancer of death,
The angel bound to act.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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great poem with lots of imagery....nice
Very insightful crafted with great imagery.........amazing piece
This is a great poem with great imagery. Thanks.