MM (6/3/95 / Anonymous)

A Perpetual, Ordinary Day In The Life Of Me

I was in a great mood today,
Where nothing could bring me down.
Oh, yes, nothing I thought,
Until I saw that clown.

I had accomplished a tremendous feat,
So proud of myself was I!
Until I saw that smug frown,
Then that glorious feeling died.
What did I do?
I ask myself,
I did nothing, of course!
Such silly to think otherwise,
Originated from a different source, I presumed.

But good Lord it drives me mad!
To see him ever so sad,
It's always my fault!
The thought is more bitter than salt!

Of course it's always mine,
It's never his!
Always mine, all and every time!
Never, ever could it be his.
Just mine.

That's it,
There goes my day,
Never fine, just okay.
Nothing less, nothing more,
Just walk away; shut the door.
There is no way to fix today.
It's beyond repair;
Thank you, love, for being there.
Any day or every day,
Forevermore will be just okay.
Nothing great, but just a fate,
Everyday, forevermore, just okay.

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