A Person Of Beauty

You are a person of beauty
A beautiful sight to behold
A magnet to my steel eyes
Just a glimpse of your beauty
Gets my eyes stuck on you
For eternity, your beauty
is all that I want to visualize.

You are a person of beauty
An interesting thought to ponder about
A pleasurable memory to withhold
Your beauty is all that my mind understands
Your beauty is the only knowledge I have.

You are a person of beauty
Faithfulness is your best characteristic
Selflessness is abound in you
Your care and love surpasses that of a mother.

You are a person of beauty
Your smile promises joy
Your laughter fulfills happiness
Gorgeousness is found in every part of your body
Your beauty resembles a godly perfection.

Verily Verily! You are a person of beauty.

by Augustine Evans

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Troll roll out LoL- - - -
Nice poem, i love the flow. keep inking