(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Person's Worth Is Invaluable

A person's worth,
Isn't in their ability...
To obtain worldly possessions.
Or in the quality of them.

Can that person nourish others,
With encouragement?
Can that person be a true friend...
When the time for being one,
Shows what kind of skin...
That person 'is'
And exposes from within.

Being able to spend cash,
And make a quick dash on trips...
Or do a name dropping of notables,
Doesn't mean a thing...
If a person is negligent,
To extend heartfelt feelings...
Not too many can express or mention.

A person's worth is invaluable,
When a genuineness appears...
To surface time and again.
And that is proven to be dependable,
Without a doubt or a need to question.

Can that person nourish others,
With encouragement that does not end?
A person's worth will unearth,
Who and what comes first...
Regardless of those impressions made,
Someday that will fade...
Long after established ties with others,
Have remained to stay!

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