(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Person's Worth

There are many who actually believe,
A person's worth...
Is based upon their ability,
To purchase things that bling.
Where they live and dress to impress.
With a caring less,
What or who that person may know.
Or can prove they can show,
With a bringing to bestow benefits.
And opportunities.
Beyond what they can see.
But it is the being disrespectful.
With a negligence most perform.
Before they catch on to later regret,
How this to do with this left to impress...
They should expect to receive,
From those who remember...
The way they had been first addressed.

I apologize.
Why didn't you tell me,
You had my back.
With my best interests,
In your mind all that time."

-I don't remember that,
As a priority you had.
To bother to ask.
Before your judgement upon me passed.-

That's what we do in the 'hood'."

That's the only excuse you choose to have? -

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