A Person With Conscience

A person with conscience remains
In stillness of mind
In spite of several hurdles or obstacles
Given by others or a particular person
Who has jealousy and negativity,
A person with conscience remains
In courage and joy continuously
And jealousy of others does not affect him,
As he realizes his stability,
He swings in thread of love and joy.

The person who has
Jealousy, wrath, ignorance and ego,
His expression of word reflects
Negativity of attitude and his thought
Clearly like a mirror reflects the shadow,
A person's mental state is reflected in writing
And also in his works he does daily,
Face is the index of every person,
If he is pure and positive
Cheerfulness is reflected in face
And if he is negative and hatred
His negative behaviour is reflected.

The person with conscience has
Tolerance power and power of judgment,
Although another one goes on harming him,
He never does evil to that harmful person,
He always sends his best wishes and love
The person with conscience acts
He acts as a fruit providing tree.

Stratagem of a person who is lack of conscience,
It does not allow him to remain in stable mind
As his negativity pulls him down in jealousy,
He Can't work at all at the whole time smoothly,
It is fully transient, but he should be careful,
He should gradually purify himself,
Then only, one day precision will be known to him.

© Kumarmani Mahakul,19 April 2019. All rights reserved.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (19)

A beautiful elaborated definition on conscience... only a fully conscious person can build up true confidence... awareness and confidence mean a lot in life...splendid work...thanks a lot Kumar for this inspiring poem 10+++++
Conscience is vital force that guides every humans and it aptly segregate humans from animals. Nice poem, Sir.
Sewn with such beauty deep! .. Powerfully expressed! .. And beautifully inspiring! .. Thank you ever so much for sharing this! .. Ever so very many 10S! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ..........................+++++
The poem nicely deals with the psychology of of someone guided by his conscience and others who don't remain true to themselves. The latter do experience 'Jealousy, wrath, ignorance and ego' and resort to evil thoughts and actions. They are devoid of their peace of mind. Thanks, Kumarmani ji, for sharing such a thought provoking poem.
Dear Kumarmani ji, What you have described in this poem is the characteristic of a Yogi. It is only a Yogi who has the stillness of mind. An ordinary man's thoughts flit around here, there, everywhere like a bee. Negativity destroys man. A positive mind strives towards a balance and develops a better conscience. Kumarmani ji, thank you for this beautiful poem full of learning.
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