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A Pessimistic Forecast
(10 June 1978 / Cheshire, England)

A Pessimistic Forecast

Poem By Matthew Holloway

It is indeed a bleak winter
While reports of war and famine
Disaster and unemployment
Ring out from the pages of the press
The skies hang grey, cold and haunting
What would we not give now
For some happy news, some sun to shine
There seems little to shout about
Little hope to be heard from anywhere
Anger and frustration ebbs outward
As goverments fall and industry fails
The finger of blame points out
At the greed of those once trusted
To protect the wealth of states
Instead robbed the poor of a future hope
The nights grow colder
And the impoverished freeze
And all that is heard or spoken
That tomorrow shall bring
A pessimistic forecast

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