A Petals Sorrow

A red rose petal slowly descends down to the earth.
Falling ever so slowly.
It floats down to meet its new embrace.
Yet the petal twists and turns;
Denying its inevitable end.
The wind catches it and pushes the petal.
But the petal continues to fight for its own path.
Now the rain is coming.
The droplets fall upon the petal.
Smashing it down, the weight of the weathers sorrow is too much to
The petal has no choice but to submit.
Hitting the ground the petal remains motionless and beaten.
Waiting for another petal to fall for it.

by Stephen Howard

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A fall from grace to grass well depicted in the poem. A lovely piece of poetry written with insight. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.