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A Petrified Conjunction(?)
WG William Greco (03.07.1992 / Slovakia)

A Petrified Conjunction(?)

what a strange day...
for martyr of missing time
born in the urn grove
among burning embers
born on the wrong side of the tracks

what a strange day...
for an unknown hero
living in his restless chamber
his head like an ice-breaker
his uniform of ivory tears

what a strange day...
for a night in a boiler room
mais la nuit est mon amie
so let's talk about the lousy
plane crash avalanche

what a strange day...
for this nightmare paradise
princesse est très curieuse
and her calculated motifs
like a transcription factor

what a strange day...
for this residue of a pattern
rarely essential by your knowledge
beyond the nucleotide sacrifice
of all the negated literals

there's nothing to think about
- let's eliminate the principle!
inside an empty hillside manor
of the cosmos Demiurge
in the name of all rhetoric solutions

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