MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Am I Nothing?

You said you lost everything
Does this mean im nothing?
It hurts me everyday,
To see you turn and walk away

I try my best to make you smile
Its like im losing this already lost trial
I love you with all my heart
And i dont want us to be torn apart

I will never ever leave you
Unless you want me to
You dont know when your hurt
Inside my heart also hurts

I wish you'd open your eyes
And look past all the lies
Because what matters is me and you
And thats all i can say and do

Please dont hurt yourself girl
Cuz you are more than just my world
I want to hold you forever
And say goodbye never

(For Alex and Lindsey and the things that try to mess up their relationship)

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so are the Himalayas boring...all the white on the head...never moving from its place...always with head clouded over...but magnificient and awesome for people who got eyes for things beyond the
There are no negative ones here because it was accepted in the spirit inwhich it was given, love Duncan
What a concept indeed. Nicely written. Regards, Patricia
I think it's very charming, cute and just not possible to refuse Great poem Anna
I'm not sure how eternatiy can be a 'down to earth' for thought, thanks. 'e·ter·nal Being without beginning or end; existing outside of time. See Synonyms at infinite. Continuing without interruption; perpetual. Forever true or changeless: eternal truths. Seemingly endless; interminable. See Synonyms at ageless. See Synonyms at continual. Of or relating to spiritual communion with God, especially in the afterlife.' -
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