A Philosophy Of Beauty

These evil days require you to grit your teeth in misery to survive,
But you have to realize life is more
Than staying alive:
You have to create magical kindness in the heart,

by Uriah Hamilton Click to read full poem

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I honestly have the same philosophy of life if this is yours. Very well written.
Uriah, I love the way you have expressed those sentiments I share wholeheartedly. It's not enough to 'put up with'. You need to follow your dream.... and it is a beautiful dream you show us, Uriah. Bless you. Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
'Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother, you're stayin' alive, stayin' alive. Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin', and we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.' The Bee Gees Yes staying alive is one thing but you remind us of that we need not just to be but to see too 'Living out your Divinity involves a philosophy of beauty And refusing to hurt anyone.' A divine poem from you -Pia
How neatly this poem perpetuates that old wondrous spirit of we-are-stardust of yonder woodstock times! Love to have your name recommended on my read-also list!
Yes, one grows weary, the instinct to flee grows strong. This poem beautifully expresses the tension between the need for an ideal reality - and reality. -Will
Everybody has the strong survival instinct, but the question is, and has always been, how much happiness are you willing you sacrifice to live? An excellent piece, much more truth in it than most realize.
only those alive in heart are alive in body...and you've explained this well. good job, i like it. eni da kid
We all need to set standards &objectives to nourish our lives with motivation, challenge and adventure....all of these facets build the Main Frame to our quality of Life expectations...i like this piece, uriah, and am a die-hard BEE GEE's FAN FROM NEW YORK MINING DISASTER/1941 UP TO & THROUGH THEIR DISCO PIT-STOP & EVERYTHING THEREAFTER. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR
The only philosophy. These are the words of a great and compassionate, sensitive and sensible teacher. A piece as profound and intelligent as its writer. t x
That's right... live and love, my friend. I appreciate the title and the poem's ideals very much. Esther : ]
Beautiful, compassionate and very uniquely Uriah Hamilton. Encore. Sandra
If only the whole world had your compassion. I gave this poem a 10 because it exposes such a wonderful heart. Thanks for caring about those less fortunate. Barbara
So true Uriah, turning your back on hatred and violence, is not always, ignoring it. Beauty is everywhere, as you so romantically describe in your poem, it is just grasping the concept in the minds eye. Beauty begets beauty. Life can be a beautiful experience again, thanks to love and art and poetic philosophy such as yours. Thanks for sharing it, Smiling at you, off to BedfordTaiLand, to zoom off to crashing oceans and fine golden sand between her toes! Whoooosh! ! ! ! ! Tai
Hey Uriah, that was a beautiful poem. It was really intelectual and heartfelt. Great work Uria, I hope u never stop writing and keep being your excentric wonderful self forever. Great work once again, smiles N hugs, Willow: -)