(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Philosophy Of Contradiction

A philosophy of contradiction,
Has prevented with resistance...
Those who know truth does exist.
But rely on those ignorant of it,
To promote more delusion,
That devastation has created...
To effect an assumed quality of life,
People are chasing with fear they face...
Like dogs seen making attempts,
To eventually catch their tails.
With a hoping to bite and hang on tight.

A philosophy of contradiction,
Everyday debated by politicians...
More afraid of losing their elected positions,
Than representing their constituents...
With facts not distracted,
By abstract comments.
Made purposely to erase,
A clear debasing of a fading reality.

And here we are today,
Listening to the depictions of the rich...
The only ones affording to be in politics,
Describe the ailments of those mentally sick...
As being nonconformists unable to admit,
They suffer from addicting dysfunctions.
That a normality would not permit.
As if their contradictions stated to make,
Will fix the lives with more telling of lies...
People will buy and accept,
While awaiting for those who despise truth...
Correct what they've done with apologies.

'We are sorry we've totally messed up your lives.
We are hoping racism and childish conflicts started,
Will keep you entertained momentarily.
And with kept faith maybe one day we will all grow up.'

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