A Picture My Captive

I see your smile
Your eyes
Your lips
A picture I can’t seem to let go
So handsome
So sexy
I am drawn to you in my mind
I am pulled toward you in my heart
And all that by looking at your picture

The memories flood my brain
I can recall your voice
Your touch
The sweet words that sometimes escaped your lips
Your scent
Your hands
The warmth of your embrace
Your smile
And your laugh

And all of this from a picture
I see you in person and I crumble
All barriers come down
All hurt fades away
And all I long for is a few stolen hours of bliss….
But at what cost
Have I not been there before
Do I not know the pain that awaits
Have I not suffered enough

How do I break free of you
How do I move on
Find the strength and the light
Not feel a part of me is missing as it lies with you
Am I forever captured in your spell or can I break free someday
And if so why can that not be tomorrow
Am I scared of moving on
No more hope that we can be
Is this pain better than being alone?


Comments (7)

Giving up love is definitely one of the hardest things we ever have to do in life... I love the way you capture the struggle here... And...is it really worth it? Damned if I know: P
wow, wel written straight from the heart
it is said the hardest thing to do is change. To change to move on takes a strong spirit if true love was there for one then you become entangled in the chains of emotion. These are stronger than steel and pull you down into the quick sand of your own love. If we are lucky a helping hand pulls us free for we could not do this on our own. love the poem you write so well
Poetry is best poured...from the heart! ! Nicely done...your heart sepaks on your behalf, and does so, eloquently! ! Hugs, Dee
I know the feeling, seeing the person in the flesh. You can carry their photograph in your pocket but they carry YOU in their pocket! It's like being owned in a way, so the captivity idea is so true. Well done! S x
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