(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Picture To See It

The truth to reveal,
Is seldom accepted.
By those who object,
To the contents of the message.
And the presence of the messenger,
Who often becomes...
The subject of ridicule.
With it believed to suspect,
That messenger delivering the message...
Wishes to upset,
The ones kept deluded.

But yet...
It is the truth to be revealed,
That increases to get...
More respect for its persistence.
Unchanging to remain,
For what it is.
Regardless of the disrespect,
Shown and expected.
By anyone who decides,
They are up to the challenge...
To be opposed and disliked,
For not looking the part.
Or declaring they had been...

"Who is that,
Delivering such a false...
And highly pretentious message? "

-Don't worry about that.
Those who dress to impress.
Do it for the visuals.
And not for the substance.-

"What do you mean? "

You will figure that out,
For yourself.
With a false message that stays.
Betrayed by the faker,
Who delivered it to remember...
What was left to accept kept,
More impressive.-

What happens to the truth? "

-Those who know it felt,
Will no longer be accused...
For living their lives,
Victimized by the ones who lie...
About who should be despised,
For not being able to impress.
While oppressed and disparaged,
By culprits spewing division.
From podiums given the attention.-

That's more demonic than patriotic."

-A picture to see it.
Has nothing to do with who paints it.
The message to get depicted,
Has a way of being obvious.

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