A Piece Of Heaven For Me

I've read your words almost everyday
Sometimes they take my breath away
Sometimes they ignite deep within
Sometimes they make my head spin
Sometimes a little tearing din
Sometimes between the lines I fill-in

So many emotions long repressed
and sensations longing to acquiesce
I know now that I can survive
For your words make me know I'm alive

Your gift you give is straight from your heart
and gratitude to you is off the charts
No words adequate to express to thee
Always coming back for more you see
It's a piece of heaven for me

(8 Aug 2007)

by JoJo Bean

Comments (4)

God's word is inexhaustible, truely wonderful
A wonderful tribute indeed JoJo, this is a very special person and well deserving for sure, Excellent write JoJo.--Melvina--
uhummmm.. i cant guess who is, maybe your loved one..nicely penned, Jojo.. thanks for letting me read this..it made my day! ..ha ha love and hugs, Meggie
JoAnn, This is a wonderful tribute. Unlike Mark I don't need to guess who them words are for. I already know and from one of the recipients I thank you. Top marks and thanks for sharing it beauty. David