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A Piece Of Paper

A piece of paperer is fortunate
For poets a pen is love to write
Light is sprinkled on the world
By cosmic father we know secret.

This world is a piece of paper
In notebook of galaxy and stars
Turning pages we write emotions
In cosmic note-book we do write.

A piece of paper values so white
While we run pen on this we feel
Marvelous art we do in a writing
We know this dazzles with light.

Super father is wise we feel sure
Mind is constantly fabulous we see
Wonderful paper we have got too
Unlimited poems we write to read.

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Verily the cause for a poet's imagination is this big world and the vast cosmos..no wonder he imagines this world and the cosmos as a piece of paper and pen...very much an inspiration Kumar....thank you
Superb This world is a piece of paper. Only a poet can imagine..
a super poem that shines and dazzles with an inspirational write? ............wonderfully written
To write! And to heal the heart. Nice piece of work.
Pen and paper for writing a poem and a heart that feels pains of others are the basic requirements for a poet. But what saint Kabir Das says Jake pair phate na bewai So ka jane peer parai.
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