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A Piece Of Paper
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A Piece Of Paper

Poem By Tony Adah

I am sitting
On the dinning table
Not for the sake of a meal
Though the aroma of dinner
Lingers on the table
And the reeks oozing from my breath
I am looking at my diaries.

Suddenly a piece of paper
Flew away under the table
A paper I would have dismissed casually
With my own handwriting
Showing its cursive scripts
What If it was not useful to me?
It would absolutely have
Been useful to those who
Wrap wraps of hem
And make the youth stray their way
Or make a paper watch for liittle Nathan
To clad his naked wrist
If they saw it before me.

I am joyous
I saw it before them
With my own handwriting
Bearing 'the great hills'a poem
Penned to the delight of most.

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