A Piece Of Peace

That is all we ask for in our life
A momentary relief of mental anguish
A solitary pause of silence
So we can quietly go on our way
Less delusional distractions
Less rhetoric bouncing of the walls of shame
No more mongrel guttural orations
Lest the child gets no rest
A chunk of human kindness
No more than we can chew
A tested recipe that always hits the spot
Wouldn’t be too much to ask
A taste of social responsibility
Where you got each others’ back
No more get rich schemes at anyone’s expense
A rivulet of soothing the bumpy, winding road
A nibble of a smile for everyone you meet
Will reap a little piece of peace
I could go on but I’ll just pass the baton
You see this human race goes on forever

by Alfred Ramos

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