A Pilgrimage

Every wind of my hamlet
unto me tells a whispering tale.
Every visit to my hamlet
unto me is now a pilgrimage.

by Ravi Panamanna Click to read full poem

Comments (21)

Beautiful lines..... And her wavelets in silence ask- ‘Where were you my boy all these years? ’ A lovely tribute to your village. Beautiful images of village is portrayed. Loved reading it. Beautiful presentation.
‘And her wavelets in silence ask-/‘Where were you my boy all these years? ’’ …very deep and profound poetry…you’ve encompassed mundane and noetics in the canvas of Mother…jocund and metaphor with glitter and gloss… Thanks for sharing Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10
Wow what a poetic description and lovely narration.....your words whisper soulfully into my ears.........10+++++++
A vivid and touching flashback of memories..well done!
A pilgrimage is a wonderful tribute to your village...this poem has a wonderful sentimental feel as you relive all the happy memories of your homeland...lovely piece..10
Very beautiful. Naming your visit to your village is really touching and gave a wonderful feel to the poem. Similar to my poem MY VILLAGE., written in Haiku format.
pilgrimage is something everyone one of us must spend time, even midst of our busy schedule.. nice poem
This is a tender beautiful reminiscent poem and I totally adore it. The second stanza is pure heaven with the glimmering hurricanes and gentle reveries woken my moonlight. Ah! now I am reading more...it is all so surreal and it feels like heaven. The last dip in the river like a fonding Mother has evoked a sentimental chord in with me Ravi. Love it! 10 love Karin
This philosophical poem and a ballad at the same time reveals the eagerness to integrate the human being in the nature, the desire to blend with the nature, which is his first love.Excellent poem.Thank you for sharing.....10+++++++++
A very vivid poetical flashback with a deep nostalgic note. You put me in that frame of mind. I really enjoyed my boyhood with you. CP
Very beautiful. Your last lines are extraordinary.10/10 Kind wishes, Sandra
beautiful and touching. mother land is like mother for every one.nice write. voted10 surya
there is no journey that brings more happiness than the one going home....beautiful write, the ending is especially touching....
A very fine 'home-coming'. Liked the 'touch' of 'mother' in the verse.
Going home is so emotional at times and this visit speaks of the welcome from the familiar scenes and written warmly as you have here Ravi it is a very interesting read - - I especially liked the personification of the river in the final lines.....10 + + + Fay
THE THIRD VERSE my cousins, those poignant vacations that verse is what captured my attention. excellent write a ten
A fine and well -penned poem. Thank you for sharing.
the poem is fine.. the closing lines are perfect.
Lovely poem Ravi... thank you!
What a charming walk through your hamlet...As all things were created in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, the bonds of family and home a return visit sacred, as you say, apilgrimage.I had a visual impact of the temple and the serenity within and out. Thank you - Cindy with respect