** A Pill For Every Ill **

He gullibly ate the fake food
Thinking that its quality was good.

Labeled with a bogus hologram
Food’s packing too was sham.

Taking that food he took ill
And was unable to move at will.

Then he was prescribed fake drug
By the doctor who was a thug.

In spite of that he was healed,
Coz his faith in food, doctor and pill



Comments (37)

Humour and pills for ills followed by faith in food, very good points you write...my daughter has a bookcalled Benzine Junkie
Very witty and the result at the end is anti-climax!
an interesting poem unraveling a fable. Congrats.
In some witty lines and interesting verse, the author is trying to convey, I think that well being and health may be aquired without the illusive pill. Good write with interesting twist to it as well.
What faith he had that miraclously helped him to go through all those fakes and be well. An interesting piece.
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