HP (08-07-1975 / Kansas)

A Pill To Fix It

one pill he swallowed for his pain
another pill was quaffed to numb his brain
he chewed a third to make him forget
the fourth dissolved upon his palette
to ease the sorrow and the shame
from our society that always did blame
the fifth he cut into a very large lane
and snorted it up to keep him sane
the sixth was diluted with a drink
making him not care what others might think
the seventh was injected with a shot
helping relieve the ghosts of what was not
on number eight his heart did give
yet he plunged it down like a shiv
nine his eye's twitched and screamed
lucid sights of fairies he did dream
the count of ten a last pill to take
his body numb as his limbs did shake
the pills were given by all around
to keep his thoughts on the ground
now buried and rested his soul is free
no longer must they care for a doctor's fee
they laid him down in a box to rest
well before they gave his life a chance to crest
slightly different and quirky of mood
they felt he burdened them and fed him shrewed
dealings of pills to make him less
in the end they did bless
his demise was needed to keep the norm
now all were happy and free of form
weeded out for his individual thought
now all is forsaken
all is naught

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Really like this one. Good write. May i invite you To read my poem called boy to a man. Its a True story.