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A Pinch Of Salt
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

A Pinch Of Salt

A title does not signify
you are in fact a gentleman.
Aristocrats can cheat and lie
as readily as any man.

alleged degrees don’t guarantee
that you possess intelligence
They can be purchased easily
by those who lack the common sense

To know that titles and degrees
although intended to impress.
Are counterfeit as currencies
which are in fact quite valueless.

You can’t expect to get respect
because you a titled man.
I see no reason to accept
your claim to be a gentleman.

Some people are fooled easily.
Accept your claims at face value
but some are wise enough to see
that what you claim may not be true.

A scholar and a gentleman
is not too hard to recognise.
I’m’ sure you will find that you can.
If you just use your ears and eyes.

Do not be fooled by their pretence.
The claims they cannot verify
Rely upon your common sense
The inner voice you can’t deny.

Why should you show them your respect.
They show but small respect for you.
Its wiser to be circumspect
until they prove their claims are true.

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Love this poem Ivor, it rings true of a working class man, must be the hebburn coming out in you! ! !