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A Pink Floyd Shakedown
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A Pink Floyd Shakedown

Poem By Pamela Davison

Arrogant seed,
oh, arrogant seed,
why must you grow
inside of me?
Hot-blooded greed
for fantastic lead,
why must passion
yield to your speed?

Here is the weed
that would choke my deed,
tripping on blow
by blow of plead,
where art recedes,
cliché succeeds.

Arrogant host,
oh, arrogant host,
why must I be
your faithful post?
Cool-headed ghost
who so knows the most,
I do not fear
your foolish roast.

Here is the coast,
my defenseless coast,
wear it torn well,
like a good host.
Arrogant seed,
oh, arrogant seed,
I think you’ve had
the best of me.

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GREAT POEM, I LOVE PINK FLOYD............................