(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

A Pirate Elf (Cor)

I can work because I’m a piratical elf from the
sun, red blouse denoting sun elf, black pirate
pants speak for themselves; my work station
is a thundercloud - navy-blue bell-shaped mug,
azure paper stand, sapphire and sky-blue dish-
cloths, bright yellow & lime-green mugs for sun-
shine in spring leaves sprouting flowers with

Mountains in shades of pink representing the
setting sun – more dish-cloths draped over
boxes, also one black and white pirate box to
indicate the pirate ship, in the left corner at the
back is my cabin-cum-boudoir with white net
umbrella cover and pink hat hanging debonair
on the hat-stand, pink lace covering part of it

And purple fairy wings – after all, I’m Dewdrop
masquerading as a pirate elf with a mission to
fulfil, checking terms for consistency drinking
a million mugs of tea to keep going - keeping
time with Mozart-and-Tchaikovsky’s classical
clan intimately playing in my ears; with these
entertaining things keeping the little alien in my

Head occupied, I’m in heaven today…

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So it seems. Heavenly indeed dear Margaret Alice...