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A First Mute Coming
(January 7,1988 - September 17,2078 / Columbus, OH)

A First Mute Coming

Poem By Emily Dickinson

Yo ho, me hearties
A pirate be I.

I swabbin' the deck
for a cappin' who lie.

Yo ho, me hearties
Ye scurvey dogs, ho!

Ye walkin' the plank
For no'r'else t' go!

I sit and I rot in the galley all day
cookin' up stews of mice and of hay

Yo ho, me hearties
Fine strumpets, play I.

For no loved up lass
be forgettin' my cry.

Yo ho, me hearties
Hear yon' bell ring two

I hang from the gallows
for not else to do!

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Comments (5)

Arh! This poem be better than most, by far! Fun rhymes/poem! -chuck
I liked it. A bit different but thats a good thing. Well worked. Ian
Bad poem? Where? I see no bad poems here. I think this is very fun and lyrical. It could almost be a pirate shanty. It's quite good.
Psh... this is a bad poem. Quit trying to make me feel better.
Boy, this is a fun poem with a keen ear for the mythical sea!