(04 October 1943 / Germany)

A Pity

When one is down inside oneself
and has some hidden gray agendas,
when cobwebs of the inner mind
do not conceal the rancid secrets,
when one's sole horse in one's sole stable
is called a Masochista Mare
one does perceive clouds of depression
which block the sun one craves so deeply.
Yes the Deceiver is alive,
related to one's distant past
it strangles intellect and soul
and keeps the drapes closed through the day
and does not know the self or others
the giant shadow needs its shade.
Oh what a life, though not to envy
it does not have wide open eyes,
downcast is what the soul has ordered
to see the pitfalls, lest one falls.

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Comments (3)

We have to watch for those pit falls....good read Herbert!
This is really wonderfully and well written, Herbert. Keep your numbers coming.No one knows which will be your best.Numbers too matter in everything.Poetry- writing is like exercising the Brain cortex.The more you write and think, the better, the outcome with time.Wish you all the best in your near future.Forget about the few rude comments that come your way.Those are the blessings in disguise and goad us all the more our way!
Yes we need to take care...To see the pitfalls. Such great writing should have sent you to no10 in the 500...... Hugs jan