A Place Called All Alone

This story is about a broken heart
I bet you've had one or two
When your heart is in a million pieces
You look at life with a different view
It was love at first sight
When you moved into the neighborhood
You had the looks, you had the hooks
To reel me in for good
I had the part, you played my heart
I just misunderstood
We had a diamond ring all picked out
We spent months on our weeding plans
Invitations were ready to go out
We even bought our pots and pans
It was love at first glance
Right after that first dance
You had the eyes that mesmerized
To really do me in
I played along, listened to your song
Never thinking you would sin
I followed your every footstep
Like a dog without a bone
Now I reside at the doorstep
Of a place called all alone

by Alfred Ramos

Comments (3)

Awww very nice poem.
Hiya Al... I love this poem but then again I am bias because I like all your poems Keep up the good work......Melissa
tell me where is fancy bred or in the heart or in the head how begot how nourished it is bred in the eyes with gazing fed and fancy dies in the cradle where it lies ...........ur poem reminds me these lines of shakespeare....'merchant of venice' its true...its difficilt to find true love...bt if the diff of fancy and love is well understood...heart will be saved of such numerous breaks....nice penning