A Place Far Away

I''m looking toward a place far, far

While the sun blaze against my

I tried to look beyond the rainbow

I thought I seen a sea of moonbeams
Bouncing off the sea''s reflection

Exquisitely blue

Blades of tall green grass floating
With the wind

I thought I seen the moon as golden
As the sun,

With rays of light casting silhouettes
Glisten like silver string

Reflecting against the river that

I thought I heard the bell toll
Softly did it ring,

And rode upon the wind

I thought I should let my spirit

Slowly entwine within the wind

I thought I heard a voice call to

“It said'

I’m sending you a ray of light

Sparkling of the sun and moon

Golden yellow for the eyes to

Stars a twinkle around your neck
For all the years I loved you so

Wrapped within a cloak of love

So gently I hold you in my heart

In this beautiful place so far, far

Way beyond the rainbow sitting
Between the sun and the

by Carolyn Sears

Comments (3)

This is very richly painted, i could see this place through the eyes of your words. Its a very great piece.I love it.
Enjoyed this a lot. Love transcends everything - even absence.
Keep writing...you have good expressions....maybe you will enjoy some of mine...thank you.