I asked myself who iam.
I was looking for identity.
I felt the silent of my soul.
No answer.
I looked at the stars one by one.
They asked for identity too.

by Constantinos Grigoriadis

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There is a place that we can certainly find great's here, well done David thankyou for these memories shared Love duncan X
I still visit mine every chance i get, the countryside were i grew up has not lost its magic for me...10
sounds just dreamy..... I look that place up often: O)
Wonderful thoughts in this great one....Being honest, I must admit, I've done all in my power to never leave that 'childhood place' despite the date on the passport and birth certificate....Sometimes also there was too much sadness and death in childhood so one must 'dig deep' [as they tell the kids in Little League when at bat] to recall the happy always, excellent David...~~marci. :) ~~