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A Place In Time
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

A Place In Time

Written by: Wilfred C. Mellers Monday, December 04,2006

I have been to many places
I have known many faces
But I have yet to have met that special someone
I've been high and low
Even once my heart was aglow
But no one that's been the one

I've been here and I've been there
I have found no one that wants to care
I am still searching for that someone near and dear
I've looked around the corner and over the bend
I have still not found a special friend
I've met many people that were close
None of them I've loved the most

I care for everyone that I have met
Looking back life I can not regret
The feeling of being a pair is still there
Do you really care?
Jump into the fire if you dare

Enter into my world, just walk right in
You will see the places I've been
Walk a mile in my shoes
Take a chance if you choose
Take a leap of faith with me
Look into my eyes and you will see

A man that gives himself completely
A man that needs you desperately
A man that will be there not just occasionally
A man that knows responsibility
A man that will never fall for infidelity

A man that will love you down to the bone
A man that would never leave you alone
A man that there through good times or bad
A man that would give you everything he had
To hear your voice makes him exceedingly glad

Now I am a one man show
I hurt more than you'll ever know
How I would love to see your face a glow
I am sure for me your love would grow
All I need is a chance
I could show you true romance

I could take you places you've never been before
I can be the one you adore
I like to know love before I sleep
For you, in my heart, I'll always keep
Leap blindly into the dark
Your fire will give my heart a spark
Let me be your all and all
I will be at your beckon call

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Passionate write! ..Winnie