'A Place In Your Heart'

At my teenage have I declined to fall in this mess
Being disparaged with these ancestors' experience
I stood and hold to my life of misogamy well pleased to me
A life of no therapy even when dismayed
Err half my days in this era of gloominess always forlorn
Do I found a place I could travel despite the darkness
I could walk without my legs trapped escaping the snares
I found a flower in my dreams but behold in the day
I found a rose, a rose causing bewilderments with her sepals
Now do I plea for a place in her bosom everlasting
An eternal place of caress, to place her shoulder high
This I promise my onyx to dine with you in that place
Where I had dreamt inwards and afterwards
As though of gulder I had drunk groggy, dying to meet my heart
Among the pretty faces I have seen in my dreams
To hold and to esteem till the conversion of the Jews
I mean till doomsdays during the foretold dispensations.

by Israel Dammy Ipaye

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