MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

A Place Prepared (1)

Long now has gone the meeting tent Ex.40: 2
God's house adored with pride Mk.13: 1
When Jesus died, the curtain rent Ex.26: 33
So man can walk inside Mt.27: 51

Without the Lord, it had to fail Mk.13: 2
Within! He'd nought to say Lk.19: 46
Now on a wall they stand and wail
As we can see today

Christ said, one day these things would be 2Ch.7: 21+Mt.24: 2
In time they came to pass
One single wall remains to see
The rest; were crushed like glass

Two thousand years have come and gone
Still stones lie where they fell
What should man learn from what was done?
What will the future tell?

A greater thing now God will do Jn.1: 50
With man of flesh and bone 1Cor.15: 51
He said He'd build from me and you
A house of living stone 1Pe.2: 5

God's house exceeds all man can see
She lives; she thrives in love
She serves in truth all Christ set free
Prepared for life above Mal.3: 3

Through faith she's true, God's great delight
She's Christ; serving on earth
Displaying grace, God's wondrous might
His door to second birth

How great the church, where Christ is guide
How great the crown she'll wear
How great when dressed as Jesus' bride
She'll join Him in the air.....PTO.

by Michael P. Johnson

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