MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

A Place Prepared (2)

No house can stand on shifting silt
Nor thrive through drifting tide
In Truth! God's house will now be built
On Him, we crucified

God's church is not of wood and brick
But stones alive within
A place to come when lost when sick
When burdened down with sin

Bonded with love, with peace and care
Through joy, through faith and trust
Potent, dynamic, God's house of prayer
Will rise from out the dust

Eternal power, till now unseen
Unknown since time began
The Lord transforms His righteous queen
Redeemed from mortal man

A church endures, when Heaven blessed
She'll stand the test of time
A house, where shame can find no rest
Nor have no place for crime

No granite walls, no doors of brass
No hall of elegant sight
Twas no fine horse, but humble ass!
That Jesus took delight

Nor was the upper room so fine
No place for pomp or crown
Twas good enough for bread and wine
So Heaven's Ghost came down

This truth can no one ever change
However flesh may try
Each stone The Lord can so arrange
Will never fall or die..... PTO.

by Michael P. Johnson

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