TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

A Little Sunshine

Some days you wake up
and gloomy clouds cover the sky.
It doesn’t mean you are
going to have a bad day for a start.
The sun might shine
in someone else’s eyes
and brighten up your own.
So never, frown
when you see the clouds.
Don’t feel full of gloom.
They might be there
for someone else.
Just smile a little bit
and bring a little sunshine
into someone else’s world.

29 April 2008

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I say old fellow, I like this one.Don't worry about the catholic religion you've abandoned, soon it will be gone along with all 'christianity'.All that will remain, (of that lot) , is the television 'circus' religions.
GREAT JOB! Always, Linda
this poem has impact and i could relate to it as i was brougt up in that religion...nice work
Good for you! ! ! ! Very well written! ! I feel the same.