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A Place To Belong
AY (August 15,1989 / Toronto, Ontario)

A Place To Belong

Poem By Alexandra Yeboah

Sadness engullfs me,
Depression overtakes me.
I feel as if life is
a bottomless pit,
dark and loomy.
Nothing I can look forward to,
nothing to make me smile.

I cry,
Only cry.
Big scary mountains loom
over me.
Endless, jagged roads
stretch in front of me.

Guide me.
Hold me.
Help me.
Help me find
my innermost strength.
Help me find
the place that’s right
for me.

Somewhere I can find joy,
joy I never knew existed.
Where I am loved,
loved beyond disbelief.
Where I feel wanted
and where someone cares.

I want to go away,
To a heavenly haven.
Everything is perfect.
No worries,
No sadness,
Nothing is wrong.

It is
A place where I belong.

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Comments (4)

Great poem...sad poem...but I pray you find that place you are looking for, cuz it is out there.The fact that you are trying and still looking for it...whatever that it is for you...means one day you will get it. As for the poem itself it represents many people...what I mean is we all experience all those emotions sometimes.Life is not about how many times you get knocked down but what matters most is that you get back up everytime you fall to your knees...say a prayer. ((smile)) Keep trying.Keep writing as I enjoyed your poem. Take care of U. =Shelley=
sounds like paradise on earth to me..don't worry you can get there...another nice poem..keep writing
Thanks Jon. Your comment cheered me up a little :)
Nice, Alex, sad but nice. I hope you find your heavenly haven. Jon.