SLB (September 6th / Calgary, Canada.)

A Place To Treasure...

There is a place that I call my own
It's a place I treasure and can be alone.
It's somewhere I can go to just be free...
Where I can become exactly what I want to be.

Do you visit this place inside of your mind?
It’s a place where most everyone can find.
A quiet solarium where God can teach,
No TV’s or cells a place no one can reach.

A room filled with white, champagne cream and lace.
Or is your refuge a colourful place?
Purples, pinks, blue, green and teal shades like no other?
Such a beautiful world we all can discover!

A special place to retreat or just go to hide.
When times are tough and it feels better inside.
We can reach for God and acknowledge he's there.
He can open up doors-oh yes he does care!

Display sunshine when only clouds are seen,
I know we all wonder sometimes where has he been?
To you my friend I say he is there!
And yes, no matter what you did, Yes he does care!

He is in the smile on your loved ones face,
He is in the love you feel from an embrace,
He is sitting beside you as you take a nap~
Stroking your hair and cradling your cap…

Yes, a healthy dose of Faith brings heaven to you,
It’s called meditation and prayer and its there for you too,
and in case you don't know where to start, talk to the Lord
and the answers will fill your mind and heart!

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You paint your thoughts in many colors. Lovely write, Shelley. Warmest regards, Sandra
Okay, first off....I must say that Jefferson's comment is totally uncalled for and, in my humble opinion...wrong! I loved the way your poem read. It wasn't full of difficult phrases or words, just beautiful thoughts and sentiments about serene places and God and his wonderful offer of peace to all who will come to Him! You are obviously a Christian, as am I, and I appreciate, applaud and honor your posting of such a piece. Whenever, we, as Christians, post a piece....we typically get some 'not so great' comments, but it's all par for the course. KEEP ON POSTING THEM! I can't wait to read every last one of them. As a matter of fact, I have had a very troubling week and your poem reminded me of where to go for the peace that surpasseth all understanding. You are a wonderful poet and keep up the good work. PERFECT TEN FROM ME! ! ! ! !
This is a precious poem Shelley, you have painted a beautifull picture of a place when one can visit with the Lord. A place where one quietly rests in euphoric splendour. I have found that place and go there often. I treasure these moments in time and feel forever blessed to have been given such a gift. A very wise person once said 'Poetry is in the eye of the beholder', I think it's clear to say here that this precious piece of poetry brings the reader into that place. Thankyou for a most beautiful piece of poetry. I will take this as one of my favourites and I definitely rate it with a (10) , it's worth far more than that my friend. You keep writing, I will be back for more and more. Thankyou Shelley-Melvina-
Absolutly beautiful........ you have outdone yourself with this delite..Shelley The flow, , , the peaceful words ending anxiaty... the mother/Fatherly love....two words... ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL......